Vibram Five Fingers

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Vibrams are minimalistic barefoot footwear.  Their latest offering geared towards feminine, indoor alternative fitness.  Stylish, Sleek and Snazzy, can be used across a variety of activities from Pilates to Yoga to Running.


The sole of the shoe cups the soul with 2 mm PU foam insole with wool and poly sock liner.  The V-Soul falls within our “max feel product philosophy”, providing maximum potential articulation and ground feel.  Equipped with an adjustable, secure fit, it is also very open, light and flexible.  The best uses for this shoe are functional fitness, plyometrics, Pilates and Yoga.  They provided needed protection but allow the natural movement which is needed in Pilates.  These shoes are usually made with breathable material and are shaped in such a way that the top of the foot is not entirely covered to prevent feet from getting too hot.

Vibram Five Fingers

Designed for FiveFingers users who are seeking a close connection with the ground with every step, CVT LB is one of our thinnest, grippiest, most lightweight and comfortable FiveFingers ever.  A soft hemp upper is forged with the best of Vibram outsole technology: Megagrip for grip on wet and dry surfaces; Litebase to reduce weight and thickness.  The soft and comfortable hemp upper is lightweight and breathable.  It combines with the minimalist outsole to form one of our most lightweight FiveFingers yet.

Created for minimalists and those who love to feel every step they take, CVT LB features an innovative outsole with grippy lugs that improve traction, yet also provide continual sensory stimulation to the foot due to the innate thinness of the sole.  This is the power of combining Megagrip with Litebase to make such an advanced outsole.

Vibram offers the Vibram FiveFingers VI-B Eco women’s model.  This minimalist shoe features a Vibram Ecostep Natural sole, composed of more than 90 percent natural ingredients in order to reduce environmental impact.  The color of the sole is also derived entirely from natural pigments.  Vibram FiveFingers VI-B Eco are lightweight and breathable and are suitable for everyday use and for maintaining maximum ground contact during dance or yoga workouts. 

Why Barefoot Walk

More recently, inflammation has been widely recognized as the leading trigger of chronic pain and many major health disorders from cardiovascular disease, diabetes and arthritis to some forms of cancer.  It has been mooted that all paths to chronic disease lead through inflammation and an informative Forbes article begs the question ‘If all roads lead to inflammation, how do we get healthy?”

In short, inflammation is a reaction of our immune system to intruders – bacteria, viruses and foreign bodies such as pollen and air pollutants.  An inflammatory response is required to fight off common colds and allergies, but chronic inflammation that can occur in the aftermath of inflammation can take its toll on our healthy cells as white blood cells flood to the area ‘leaving healthy cells stressed and overwrought’ (Forbes).  Many diseases can be traced back to chronic inflammation.

When we make a connection with the Earth, when we ground through barefoot walking, there has been found to be a reduction in white blood cells and an increase in red blood cells, which hints to better immunity.  Barefoot walking has been shown to help increase antioxidants, reduce inflammation and improve sleep.  Barefoot Walking is not a seasonal exercise, but rather a year-round therapeutic technique that reconnects us electrically to the earth in order to reach the ground.

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