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You can rely on compression hosiery from JOBST for uplifting comfort, health and style.  JOBST Compression stockings and garments are key components of excellent compression therapy.  We offer an extensive selection of high-quality, attractive and easy to wear medical compression stockings and garments – made from innovative materials and tailored to your specific needs.

JOBST Stockings

How they work

Lifestyle, age, genetic predisposition, prolonged sitting or standing, long journeys and pregnancy, as well as illnesses and surgeries, can all have an impact on the health of your veins.  Compression stockings and garments work to reduce the potential complications from these factors by applying gradual gradient pressure on your legs, starting with the most pressure at the ankle and decreasing further up the leg.  This promotes healthy blood circulation and offers relief and comfort to those who suffer from venous diseases.

Furthermore, compression stockings and garments counteract fluid accumulation, which helps to maintain the volume and shape of the affected extremity for lymphedema patients.  The applied pressure forces fluid away from swollen tissues and sends it up towards your upper body.  As a result, this can help improve circulation of blood through your veins, encourage healthy movement of lymphatic fluids and keep muscle cramps at bay.

When looking for the best compression socks for swelling, it’s important to consider factors such as compression level, material quality, and overall comfort.  Not only do medical-grade socks provide therapeutic benefits, but they also offer a wide range of styles and designs to suit different preferences.  From subtle and discreet to bold and colorful, you can find compression socks that not only improve circulation but also match your personal style.


Benefits of Compression Socks for Edema and Swelling

The best compression socks provide a non-invasive and cost-effective solution for addressing edema and swelling, enhancing the quality of life for those battling these conditions.

Improved circulation
These specialized socks facilitate better blood flow, ensuring optimal delivery of oxygen and essential nutrients to the impacted region.  This not only reduces pain but also expedites the healing process.

Reduced swelling
Thanks to their design, medical-grade socks compress veins and muscles. This action drives out excess fluid from the targeted region, thereby diminishing swelling and the associated discomfort.

Increased comfort and mobility
By effectively reducing pain and unease linked with edema and swelling, the best compression socks greatly enhance overall comfort and mobility.


Do Compression Socks Help with Swelling?

Absolutely, compression socks are not only highly effective in reducing swelling but are also a popular choice for managing conditions like edema, varicose veins, and deep vein thrombosis. The socks work by applying graduated pressure on your legs, encouraging better blood flow and aiding the drainage of fluids that may have accumulated in the tissues.

This has the dual effect of alleviating discomfort and decreasing swelling, making them a go-to option for individuals suffering from these types of circulatory issues.  Before opting for medical-grade socks, it’s advisable to consult a healthcare provider for an accurate diagnosis and personalized recommendations based on your specific condition.


Types of Compression Stockings and Socks

The market offers a variety of compression socks, but only the best therapeutic socks provide specific compression levels to address distinct needs.

Graduated compression
Highly in demand, these socks apply maximum pressure at the ankle and gradually reduce it towards the calf and knee. Their smart design promotes blood flow and reduces swelling by efficiently pushing excess fluid out of the affected area. You can find them in various compression levels, from mild to firm.

Primarily crafted to avert the formation of blood clots in the legs, especially post-surgery or during prolonged inactivity, these socks also use the principle of graduated compression. Starting with the highest pressure at the ankle and progressively decreasing upwards, they’re typically donned during recovery. Health practitioners often recommend them to boost circulation and preemptively combat blood clots.

Custom compression stockings and socks
For those seeking a more personalized touch, custom compression socks are the answer. Prescribed often by medical experts, they’re tailored meticulously to offer the precise compression magnitude needed. They’re perfect for individuals with specialized medical requisites or for those whose needs can’t be met by conventional socks.

Find compression stockings that suit you 

Heavy legs?  Varicose veins?  Thrombosis?  Lymphedema?  Our product range caters for all conditions and concerns – from phlebology to lymphology – and is adapted for wear during pregnancy, sporting activities, and more.  JOBST offers you an extensive selection of high-quality medical compression stockings and garments that are attractive, easy to wear, and made from innovative materials to boost your quality of life.

At JOBST, you will find a wide range of medical compression stockings and garments as well as support stockings, to care for your veins in a discreet and stylish way to ensure their long-term health!


Maternity Compression

Compression garments can help to improve your well-being during your pregnancy so that you can get on and enjoy the important things in life.  Medical compression legwear helps to reduce swelling by increasing the pressure in the tissue under the skin.  This will provide support to your veins and helps prevent them from becoming distended with blood.  Plus, it can also help relieve vertigo and nausea.  Compression stockings can also help prevent thrombosis, avoiding the need for additional medication – an important factor that reduces unnecessary burden on your baby.

A healthy body means a healthy pregnancy.  Activities such as light hiking, swimming or biking, together with gentle exercises specially created for pregnant women, such as prenatal yoga will help you to carry the extra weight of the baby and can help you regain your shape post-delivery.

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