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We were blessed to find Dr Prasad at Clara Maass hospital. I cannot praise him enough! He is amazing- capable and kind. After several inpatient surgeries, we followed up with him weekly at the Wound Clinic, where we received excellent care. Both he and the staff are wonderful. I would highly recommend Dr Prasad!
Anita Reigal

Dr Prasad was wonderful. He’s the only foot doctor that took the time to care about my foot problems and was willing to work with me to correct them. I highly recommends him. Also, the office assistant was very warm and friendly.
Lillian Nasca

Dr. Prasad is the best podiatrist in New Jersey. He makes his patients feel at ease and takes the time to explain everything to you thoroughly.

As an added bonus, his office staff are super nice and incredibly helpful- they return your calls promptly, and will do whatever it takes to get you seen right away in case of an emergency.

Mo S

I had emergency in October and had to have my great toe partially amputated from the beginning Dr. Prasad let me know what was going on and what to be expected before and after the surgery. I have never met a more caring Doctor and Staff at the Wound Care Center in Clara Maass. It did not matter which exam room I went to everyone there was inviting and warm. Dr. Prasad and his staff are amazing …If you want a great experience and not be just another chart or patient go there.
I have grown to love them all!! I could not have asked for a better experience!!!

I have been under the care of Dr. Prasad and the Wound Care Center of Clara Maass for the past four months. I can not imagine having received better care. Dr. Prasad is extremely professional and takes the time to explain all my treatments in great detail. The staff at the Wound Center is dedicated and kind. I would recommend Dr. Prasad and the Wound Care Center to anyone seeking the highest level of care.
Joshua Landsman

I had an ingrown toe nail on my big toe. Called the office of Dr. Prasad in the morning and I was able to get an appointment that afternoon. The office staff was very friendly. Dr Prasad immediately diagnosed my condition. He talked me thru the entire process to remove the part of the toe nail that was ingrown. He sprayed the toe, gave me a numbing thing then cut the nail. I did not feel a thing. I would definitely recommend Dr Prasad to anyone the has a foot or ankle concern

Peter Brum