Focal Neuropathies in Legs

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Focal neuropathies are conditions in which you typically have damage to single nerves, most often in your hand, head, torso, or leg.  The most common types of focal neuropathy are entrapment syndromes, such as carpal tunnel syndrome.  Other types of focal neuropathy are much less common.

Focal Neuropathies in Legs

Prickling and tingling sensation in the affected body part as pins and needles.  Numbness and less of an ability to feel pain or changes in temperature, particularly in your feet.  Focal Neuropathies in Legs characterized by a burning or sharp pain, usually in the feet.  Common focal neuropathies include the ulnar, median, and radial nerve in the upper extremities and sciatic, peroneal, and femoral nerve in the lower extremities.

Lifestyle Treatment for Focal Neuropathies in Legs:

To help you manage peripheral neuropathy:

  • Essex County Focal Neuropathies in Legs TreatmentTake care of your feet, especially if you have diabetes.  Check daily for blisters, cuts or calluses.  Wear soft, loose cotton socks and padded shoes.  You can use a semicircular hoop, which is available in medical supply stores, to keep bedcovers off hot or sensitive feet.
  • Exercise.  Regular exercise, such as walking three times a week, can reduce neuropathy pain, improve muscle strength and help control blood sugar levels.  Gentle routines such as yoga and tai chi might also help.
  • Quit smoking.  Cigarette smoking can affect circulation, increasing the risk of foot problems and other neuropathy complications.
  • Eat healthy meals.  Good nutrition is especially important to ensure that you get essential vitamins and minerals.  Include fruits, vegetables, whole grains and lean protein in your diet.
  • Avoid excessive alcohol.  Alcohol can worsen peripheral neuropathy.
  • Monitor your blood glucose levels.  If you have diabetes, this will help keep your blood glucose under control and might help improve your neuropathy.  The most common cause of focal neuropathy is diabetes.  High blood sugar and fat levels in the blood can damage the small blood vessels that nourish the nerves over time, resulting in nerve damage.

Medical Treatment for Focal Neuropathies in Legs:

Focal neuropathies, also called mononeuropathies, are conditions in which a single nerve is damaged.  Treatment at the Stem Cells Transplant Institute could help improve the symptoms of focal neuropathies including:

  • Severe pain in a specific area, such as the lower back
  • Pain in chest or abdomen
  • Pain in the eyes
  • Double vision
  • Paralysis on one side of the face
  • Having difficulty focusing your eyes
  • Pain, numbness, and tingling such as what is experienced with carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Weakness in legs and feet

Mesenchymal stem cells produce proteins that support the growth and survival of neurons.  Angiogenic factors are essential for the healing, growth, development, and maintenance of blood vessels. Immunomodulatory substances that can reverse the damage to the nerves.  The nursing staff administers the stem cells through an intravenous and intra-pulmonary route.  For the most effective outcomes, intravenous administration is preferred.

Looking for Treatment for Focal Neuropathies in Legs from an Experienced Essex County Podiatrist?

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